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The 45th Parallel Distillery is a small, family-owned distillery in the Western Wisconsin town of New Richmond, located about 50 minutes east of downtown Minneapolis.  As you’ll see below, we currently offer multiple brand lines of spirits and are continually adding to our line.

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distillery brands45th Parallel Vodka

Using a hands on approach, every drop in every bottle of 45th Parallel Vodka is entirely produced and bottled within our facility. Our grain is of the highest quality, provided by a local farmer. Taking much personal care in our process, we patiently ferment our mash and slowly distill in small batches to avoid unwanted flavors. Our method embraces the natural flavors extracted from the grains; an expression of the land.  Our vodka proudly has no additives.  The result is a sweeter aroma and a clean and balanced taste; an artisan alternative to other mass produced varieties.

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distillery brandsBORDER™ Bourbon

Border Straight Bourbon is truly “small batch” in every detail.

Border Straight Bourbon is artisan distilled from grains provided by a 6th generation family farm, minutes from the distillery.  No short cuts.  We practice traditional aging techniques in medium char, Ozark White Oak barrels constructed from wood staves that are air dried three years.  No Blending:  only whiskey from our grain and distilled in our pot is put in bottles that carry our name.

Border Bourbon is currently available in Minnesota and Wisconsin at both retail locations and on premise accounts.

distillery brandsNew Richmond Rye

New Richmond, Wisconsin is the hometown of 45th Parallel Distillery.  All distilling,  traditional aging techniques and bottling are conducted here.  Our distillers know that it takes time and fine ingredients to create an exceptional spirit.  Patiently handcrafted in small batches from grains harvested by local family farms makes New Richmond Rye worth the wait.

The reward for patience is an exceptional whiskey.

Visitors are welcome at our distillery.  It stands directly on the path of the old railroad leading to our town.

 New Richmond Rye is available in Minnesota & Wisconsin at both retail and on premise locations.


MIDWEST Gin is the product of our small Midwestern distillery distillery brandsdistillery brands
dedicated to making the finest spirits.  A balanced hand is used with the
infusion of botanicals. Our gin recipe is light with the juniper berries, but
contains added citrus from zest of lemon, lime, and orange.

MIDWEST Vodka is distilled from neutral grain spirits in our handcrafted copper still and filtered through the finest carbon to create a smooth and affordable spirit.

The tractor on the label represents our support to the farmers who have farmed this land for generations.

MIDWEST Gin & Vodka are available through out Minnesota and Wisconsin in both retail and on premise locations.

1570 Madison Avenue Liqueurs

1570 Madison Ave Limoncellodistillery brandsdistillery brands/strong> is our nod to the traditional Italian digestif.  Ignoring suggestions to buy zest or machines to perform the task, we individually wash, inspect, and zest each lemon by hand.  This produces a fresh clean zest that makes our Limoncello an incredible tasting experience.

1570 Madison Ave Orangecello happened quite by accident.  Zest from leftover lunch oranges provided the impetus to the discovery of Madison Ave Orangecello.  You now can enjoy summer in a glass all year long with our orangecello produced and bottled at our distillery.

It is best enjoyed very cold, neat, in a cosmopolitan, martini, aperol, or club soda.

Madison Avenue Limoncello & Orangecello are available in Minnesota and Wisconsin retail and on premise locations.

It is our family’s belief in hard work, commitment to strict standards of excellence, and determined focus that we will continually produce our spirits of unparalleled quality. We are innovating quietly, so please check back continually to see our new products.

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