Distilling Classes FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on Alcohol Production and Getting Into the Distillery Business


Will you cover how to distill vodka?
Will you cover how to distill gin?
Will you cover how to distill whiskey?

Yes. Production may be specific to whiskey or vodka, but process alterations may be made to simulate the production of desired spirits.


Will we make alcohol?

Yes. You can expect to be a part of many aspects of the production of alcohol.


Do I have to have any distilling experience?

No, but it is helpful for us to know the level of experience you have. With knowledge of your background, we can adjust the itinerary to suit your skills.


Are the governmental regulations regarding distilling discussed?

Yes, we will go over gauging and government reporting requirements.


Will we be exposed to the necessary equipment for alcohol production?

Yes, however your needs may vary (depending on your goals).


What is a “grain-to-the-glass” distillery?

With grain as our raw material, all levels of production occur within our facility. You are provided a comprehensive view of distilled alcohol production.


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