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Presenting 45th Parallel’s Debut Video: Courtesy of JSJ Production Studios

Here is 45th’s first video commercial that was created this summer by local video production company, JSJ Production Studios.  JSJ was kind enough to give us their time and production expertise behind the scenes.  We had the pleasure of providing the on camera “talent”.  Sales manager/new guy, Shafer Hartman, drew the short straw.  Enjoy!

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Photo of Border Bourbon

Introducing BORDER™ Straight Bourbon

We’re pleased to announce the launch of the new BORDER™ Straight Bourbon, which is now available for sampling and purchase at our distillery. This premium bourbon is distilled in our facility using 100% locally-sourced grains.  We use traditional aging processes rather than production “short cuts” which negatively affect product quality. More details will be added soon. […]

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