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BORDER™ Bourbon

Border Straight Bourbon is truly “small batch” in every detail. The four grains that make up our bourbon are corn, wheat, rye, and malted barley. Most of these grains come to us from Rusmar Farms, located just 8 miles from our distillery. From there, the entire process – milling, mashing, fermenting, distilling, and aging – is done within our facility. Our bourbon is aged in white oak barrels for at least five years before it goes into a bottle. No shortcuts.


Age: 5+ years

Border Bourbon

45th Parallel’s first and most popular whiskey, our Border Bourbon is “small batch” in every way. Expert distillers mash a four grain blend of local Rusmar Farms grain to create a perfectly balanced spirit. Distilled, aged, and blended in New Richmond, WI, come try a sip of Wisconsin-made Bourbon.




New Richmond, Wisconsin is the hometown of 45th Parallel Distillery and the namesake of this whiskey. We craft our rye using local grains and a slow, meticulous distilling process. It is aged for a minimum of 5 years (oftentimes closer to 6 years) in Ozark White Oak barrels with a medium char. The barrels are constructed from wood staves that are dried in the Missouri sunshine for 

three years. None of these processes can be rushed; New Richmond Rye is worth the wait.


Age: 5+ years



W is distilled from Wisconsin-grown wheat with just a touch of corn and malted barley. All distilling, traditional aging practices (no quick aging), and bottling are accomplished here at 45th Parallel Distillery. Our discipline and patience created this soft, smooth whiskey for you to enjoy however you please.


Age: 5+ years



Our unique Red Fife Whiskey has an origin story of great minds thinking alike.  Paul, the founder of 45th Parallel, had been researching use of heritage grains in distillation when he was approached by a young, local farmer who wanted to grow red fife wheat. Red Fife Wheat is a 100+ year old grain that isn’t modified in any way. We both dove into this project with high hopes and those have been exceeded– our Master Distiller says it is the best whiskey we’ve made so far. Plus, as far as we know, this is the first whiskey of its kind!

Age: 6+ years


RYE 100

This 100 proof whiskey is made with a 100% rye mash (our regular rye is 67% rye grains with some corn and barley added!). Our distillers had their work cut out for them with a sticky, gelatinous mash that they equated to mixing concrete. We’re so glad they kept on with the process as this is truly a treat for rye lovers!

Age: 5+ years



45th Parallel Vodka

45th VODKA

This vodka was the first product that we started making way back in 2007.  Our goal back then is the same as our goal now – produce high quality spirits with excellent taste using locally sourced ingredients and meticulous practices. This artisan vodka is made entirely from corn and has a clean, smooth flavor. Try it in a martini or mixed into your favorite cocktail.



MIDWEST Vodka is distilled from neutral grain spirits in our handcrafted copper still and filtered through the finest carbon to create a smooth and affordable spirit.

Our Midwest spirits are distilled from neutral grain spirits and filtered through

fine carbon to create a smooth and affordable spirit.

MIDWEST VODKA (80 proof)

Available in 1L and 1.75 bottles

45th parallel distillery midwest vodka



MIDWEST GIN (80 proof)

Botanicals: juniper berries, coriander, cardamom, cinnamon, angelica

root, citrus

Available in 1L and 1.75 bottles

45th parallel distillery midwest gin

1570 Madison Avenue Liqueurs

1570 Madison Ave Limoncello

This is our nod to the traditional Italian digestif.  Ignoring suggestions to buy zest or machines to perform the task, we individually wash, inspect, and zest each lemon by hand.  This produces a fresh clean zest that makes our Limoncello an incredible tasting experience.

Named for our distillery located at 1570 Madison Avenue in New

Richmond, WI.

LIMONCELLO (60 proof)

45th parallel distillery limoncello

1570 Madison Ave Orangecello

Our Orangecello happened quite by accident.  Zest from leftover lunch oranges provided the impetus to the discovery of Madison Ave Orangecello.  You now can enjoy summer in a glass all year long with our Orangecello.

ORANGECELLO (60 proof)

45th parallel distillery orangecello

Gamle Ode Aquavits

Gamle Ode Dill Aquavit

This Aquavit is infused with fresh dill from local growers Big River Farms and Deer Street Gardens, as well as caraway seed and juniper berry. Sip over ice or add it to a Bloody Mary.

Aquavit is a traditional Scandinavian spirit flavored with herbs. Ours is made

from grain to glass and then infused with freshly harvested dill grown in St.

Croix Falls, WI and Marine on St. Croix, MN. These are unique and refreshing

spirits unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted!

DILL AQUAVIT (84 proof)

Botanicals: dill, caraway, juniper berries

Variations: Alderen (finished in wine barrels)

45th parallel distillery dill aquavit

Gamle Ode Holiday Aquavit

In addition to dill, caraway and juniper, Gamle Ode Holiday Aquavit is infused with orange peel, mint and allspice. The spirit is then finished in wine barrels, giving it an extra layer of flavor and deep color. Holiday is released once a year in limited quantities.


Finished in Red Zinfandel barrels

Botanicals: dill, caraway, juniper berries, orange, mint, allspice

Variations: Holiday on Rye (finished in used Richmond Rye barrels)

45th parallel distillery holiday aquavit

Gamle Ode Celebration Aquavit

Caraway and star anise are the primary flavors in Gamle Ode Celebration Aquavit, accompanied by notes of vanilla bean, coriander and citrus zest. Celebration is finished in both wine barrels and our Border Bourbon Barrels.


Finished in used Holiday barrels and Border Bourbon barrels

Botanicals: dill, caraway, juniper berries, vanilla bean, coriander, citrus

Variations: Celebration on Rye (finished in used Richmond Rye barrels)

45th parallel distillery celebration aquavit

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