Truly Handcrafted by Us at the 45th Parallel Distillery

From start to finish, every step of production occurs under our control in our facility in New Richmond, Wisconsin.  Our more traditional methods of mashing, fermenting, distilling and aging require more effort and are more costly than other more modern methods. Nevertheless, we understand that exceptional results often require patience.

Our patience and hard work provide you with the finest quality of artisan spirits. We take our time in order to deliver smooth flavorful spirits for you to enjoy.  Learn more about our unique handcrafted process…


Our “Full Circle” of Local Production

Our mission is to create and maintain consistent high quality in every one of our products. Therefore we do not purchase the cheapest grains from faraway growers. Instead we buy corn, wheat and rye from the Strate Farm, a nearby six generation family farm that shares our values. This farm is located right on the 45th Parallel, only 8 miles down the road.

Handcrafted Spirits Production Circle

The Strate farm harvests and delivers the grain we need. After we are finished with the grain we truck it back to Strates’ neighbor and Angus Beef Farmer, Ken Herink. Ken’s cattle consume the used grain, so there is no waste. Our Circle of Production continually follows an eight mile stretch of rural road from farm to distillery and back.

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